Apresentação dia 18 de Novembro. 14h45-15h45

Apresentação aos associados dos produtos e serviços da Tecnoveritas.

Tecnoveritas is a marine engineering consultancy company providing a complete package for Energy Management Services and Products to the maritime industry.
Marine energy technology knowledge was gained over 20 years of industry and academic projects delivered worldwide. Since the year 1998, TecnoVeritas became also a systems manufacturer.
TecnoVeritas established an office in Singapore under the name of TecnoVeritas Asia Pacific to be in closer proximity to the international shipping center of gravity presently located in Singapore.
TecnoVeritas latest products are dedicated to the control of energy use on board ships and exhaust emissions complying with IMO MARPOL VI and MPEC (Marine Environment Protection Committee).

VEEO for EEOI is the first type approved system (by ABS) that allows ship operators to monitor how and where the energy is used on board and respective emissions and the EEOI online calculation.
VEEO complies with the latest IMO MPEC.1/Circ.684, but has also a comprehensive software package comprising the following areas: Fuel consumption monitoring, Anti pilferage system, Generators performance, Boilers efficiencies, Voyage energy efficiency, etc. VEEO also produces daily and voyage reports but also, as an open system allows the data to be exported to any type of data base, for example to be fed directly into SAP type of systems.
VEEO is the only type approved (by ABS) systemin complete compliance with IMO MEPC.1/Circ684 of 17 of August 2009.

Enermulsion is an “in-line” ultrasonic HFO Water emulsion system, dedicated to the control of NOx, CO2, CO, and Particulate matter. The reductions are very significant. Such reductions are measured and expressed as a function of the reduction of emissions especially the carbon footprint for the ships. The bigger impact of Enermulsion operation are the NOX emissions reduction , allowing existing engines to comply with NOx recommendation TIER II. So, the use of Enermulsion allows the mitigation of the vessel emissions, and also a less costly maintenance.

SEEMP - Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan
TecnoVeritas is offering also the energy management consultancy services to all sectors of the maritime industry. The Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO - MEPC.1/Circ.683) is a tool for ship owners and operators to use to outline a program that continuously improves the energy efficiency of their vessels.
TecnoVeritas can assist with the development and the implementation of the SEEMP. TecnoVeritas is able to provide and help the ship owners and operators in the SEEMP implementation and development. The plan provides a mechanism for identifying measures aimed at maximizing operational efficiency throughout and a approach to monitoring ship and fleet efficiency performance over time.

Other services that are provided by TecnoVeritas, are shaft power measurements, torsional vibration measurements, ship vibrations and damage surveys.

TecnoVeritas – Entidade Verificadora do MRV

A Tecnoveritas foi acreditada pelo IPAC como entidade verificadora independente de acordo com o regulamento EU MRV