Managed by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK, EuroVIP, was established to spread methods to facilitate cooperation and collaboration, notably through a Virtual Integration Platform (VIP). EuroVIP aims to co-ordinate European maritime SMEs, associations, larger companies, and research institutions to promote the application of innovative technologies in SMEs, by service, technology and information transfer. Collaboration through the exchange of industrial and research innovations is a key factor in achieving the competitive benefits that globalisation can bring to maritime organisations. EuroVIP takes a novel state-of-the-art approach to Virtual Integrated Partnering and collaboration for the exchange of advances and innovations.
EuroVip Final Conference


Invitation to EuroVIP final conference - Enhance European maritime collaboration through service...

EuroVIP Lisbon road-show invitation


Apresentação da Plataforma VIP-18 de Nov



Plataforma Virtual de colaboração. A plataforma já se encontra em funcionamento em alguns...